What are the benefits of the Aqua-Sûre solution?


Save up to 20% off insurance premiums.


Means avoiding wasting water due to a leak, our detection system immediately closes the water main.


Our stainless-steel valve is guaranteed for 5 years and is available in a variety of sizes. Our valves are ETL certified, meeting CSA (125.3) standards.


Our assortment of components are guaranteed for 2 years and are also ETL certified, meeting all CSA standards.


Should any issues arise, customers receive instant notifications via SMS/email.


The profiles include:

  • Easy management of your devices
  • Constant monitoring through your dashboard
  • Alarm journal
  • Overview of your equipment

How the System Works

Wireless sensors are installed in strategic areas of your property and automatically detect the presence of water. They then quickly send a shut-off signal to the smart valve, which is installed directly at the main water supply.

Our smart valve stops the water flow in the following second, avoiding any excessive damage that could have been caused by the water leak.

You can connect up to 40 sensors to your control panel for complete protection of your home or business, no matter where the strategic areas are located.

Receiving Notifications

In the event of a water leak, you will hear an alarm coming from the control panel and receive notifications by email and/or SMS. You can stay informed even when you are not at home, or your place of business.

Personalizing Client Access

Clients can access our web application allowing you to remotely close your smart valve: a convenient feature when you go on vacation and forget to close your main water supply.

The web application also allows you to see which sensor is sending the alert signal in the event of a leak.

Made in Canada

We only use high quality products, made right here in Montreal, Canada. The Water-Protec Kit offers instant protection against water damage, thanks to its wireless sensor system and smart valve installed directly at your property’s main water supply.